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The Love-Hate Puzzle Box: Learned Love (In Progress)

Your life is your masterpiece and it is not always easy figuring out where you belong or who you should let into your realm of existence. You can easily avoid all of this by simplifying your life and minimizing your interactions with people, but by making these choices, you never learn how to live life and develop your full potential. For example, they say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all (i.e., if you never knew love, or hate for that matter, you wouldn’t know the difference between living with or without it). The experience of the exposure develops your sense of belongingness and serves as a guiding light to learned love.

Learning Love
When left with the choice between living for love or living for hate, choose love.

Imagine that you are participating in a love-hate puzzle box experiment, how quickly do you think that you would learn love and how to open the box? Opening the box means that you would be opening the door to a better quality of life that entails safe environments, caring and supportive people, good health and financial stabilty.

The love-hate puzzle box consists of two different environments. Upon entering each realm, you study the people and analyze their energies. In addition, you become aware as to how they make you feel and determine if you are in a place where you belong. You learn how to select environments where you believe that you can achieve your lifelong dreams.

The Experiment
Environment I consists of people that sexually, physically and verbally abuse you. While in this hate-filled environment, do you think that your behavior would be different? Would you have the ability to remain peaceful within when your surroundings are chaotic? Would the negative energy that you are exposed to be absorbed? How would you release the negative energy? And lastly, how would you protect your positive, peaceful and loving energy? If you could escape this environment, would you?

Environment II consists of loving and supportive people that work together to improve the lives of humanity in general. How would you blend in? What if you never learned or encountered hatred? How would you learn to appreciate the support of loving people? Would you develop caring expectations of each other?

After your exposure to both environments, how quickly would you learn to exit the environment of hate and enter the realm of love?


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