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It’s All About The Team

  Last night, I encountered an unusual clean up situation at the restaurant and I didn’t know how to respond. It was closing time, and needless to say, my brain wasn’t working at it’s full potential. I asked a manager how to clean up the

Self Entanglement

Imagine being entangled with yourself? It would be like having a clone, if you will, or a mirror image of yourself for backup. All of your organs, your brain and atoms would be synced together in perfect harmony creating the ultimate environment for the functioning

Trust Yourself

Free yourself from the judgements of others. Accept who you are and trust yourself. Learn to let go of people that beat you up mentally, spiritually or physically. Become one with your mind, body and soul.    

Stop Sex Trafficking (In Progress)

 Make a statement: Keep your legs crossed  INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING Believe it or not, human trafficking or sex slavery still exists in the world today, and it is not just a third world problem. Human trafficking is the modern form of slavery, and it

Simultaneous Inventions (In Progress)

Societal progress does not depend upon who receives glorification for a major scientific breakthrough. In the invention game, winning isn’t about getting there first or becoming famous for a discovery. There are quite a few thinkers and inventors that are not as well known for

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