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The Purpose of Marriage

Why would I ever want to get married?  What is the purpose of marriage?  What exactly are you committing to when you get married? Statistics show that almost 50 percent of married couples get divorced in the United States. That means that close to 1

Searching for Work as a Freelance Writer

I am currently searching for a freelance writer position and feel that the skills I already possess make me a perfect candidate for this type of job.  In 2010, I decided to create my own website to raise the awareness of multiple political issues in the

“Unfascising” America

“Unfascising” America: Returning to a Time when Businesses Cared for the Working Class People How do American families raise children on household incomes of $14,000.00 per year with little or no health insurance, no overtime and no job security? How can these people purchase any type

Dare To Discover

Open your eyes, your heart, your mind; To the world around you; And you will find… A bright new life that is wondrous; When not viewed through the eyes of prejudice; Escape from the prison of the judgements of others; Free your mind and dare

Gardens of Hearts

The destruction of one’s wall of protection, and the opening of the gate to the heart, mind, and soul, increases the vulnerability of being preyed upon. The senses are intensified, and maybe for once in your life you fear the unknown. Each person permitted within

Counter Bullying (Like A Boss)

Bullying can be defined as the use of one’s strength or status to intimidate, injure, or humiliate another person of lesser strength or status. The bully/bullies are in a clear position of power, the victim in a correspondingly clear position of powerlessness. Bullying can be

Secret Cures

Why is it that secret cures for deadly diseases are most often only given to people with money or citizens who could afford the cure? Why are we not all considered equals in the U.S. when it comes to sustaining the number one priority in