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A Wake-up Call For a Rebirth

The Journey of Rebirth Realization That a Rebirth is Needed Finding oneself in a static life-state and unhappy with who you are is a wake-up call for a rebirth. In order to improve your life-state, you have to analyze and determine what it is that


“You say I’m your own, an orphan found You say I am home, those lies are lonely now…” Please like & share:

The Creation of Oneness

Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the miracle healer, special messenger and master teacher of goodness? Do you believe that one person in your life can make a real difference and guide you to where you need to be? Do you think that if we

Believe Me: Electromagnetic Energy Offers A Cure For Paralysis

The paralyzed are not left hopeless. Studies indicate that pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic energy may cure paralysis. Click on the link below for more information about radio wave treatments that have helped the paralyzed: Please like & share:

The Science of Love

Have you ever thought about the science behind the power of love? Love motivates us in uncomprehendable ways and creates a forceful willingness to improve humankind. It is the ultimate progression tool, but can it be controlled? Princess Diana once said, “I think the biggest

When You Dream, What Do You Dream About?

As a child, did you ever dream about being a movie star with popcorn in your hand? I did. At first, I thought that the job wouldn’t require that much work. How tough can it possibly be to put the shoes on of another and

What or Who is The Party Prince Waiting For?

What or who is the party prince waiting for? Prince Harry, the world’s most eligible bachelor, is on the hunt to find a wife. Currently, the prince is not officially dating anyone, but would love to have children.  However, he is still waiting to find

All American Generations of Thoughts

Today America is growing and changing with incredible velocity. It is one nation, but it is also many nations – A Rainbow Land, and certainly, we have problems. The most embracing of them all is how to master and utilize our own inherent power, our

Supportive Communication

In times of crisis, “supportive communication” is the recommended communication style.  You can help to do this by focusing on problem-solving and the long-term emotional adaptation of the victim(s).  This implies communicating empathy, concern, respect and confidence in the abilities of all communicators. The following