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Simultaneous Inventions (In Progress)

Societal progress does not depend upon who receives glorification for a major scientific breakthrough. In the invention game, winning isn’t about getting there first or becoming famous for a discovery. There are quite a few thinkers and inventors that are not as well known for their advanced discoveries made at the same time as their famous counterparts. In fact, multiple discovery or simultaneous inventions are historically common. Here is a list of a few discoveries that had multiple inventors develop them at the same time.

The Telephone
Elisha Gray walked into the patent office on the exact same day as Alexander Bell with the same invention. Both, Gray and Bell, developed a transmitter device that converts sounds waves to electrical signals.

The Movie Camera

The Theory of Evolution


Computer Programming


The video below provides more insight into the weird phenomenon of simultaneous inventions.

As our world society becomes more technologically advanced and connected by different means of communication, simultaneous inventions will become more common in the future.

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