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My Thoughts on The Great Wall of Mexico

What good will the Great Wall of Mexico do for the people of the United States of America? In the past, when has a wall improved the living conditions of the people that built it? If history repeats itself, and it usually does, the wall will do no good and eventually be torn down.

No doubt, the Great Mexican Wall will assist with keeping the people of Mexico out of the United States – decreasing the chances of a plummeting economy due to a flood of immigrants on welfare. However, in the long run, this wall will not tackle the root cause of the problem for the people of Mexico wanting to migrate here. It will divide our nations with intolerance and prevent us from establishing and improving communications between the two nations.

Instead of investing all of this money into a wall, the United States should assist with improving the living conditions of the people in Mexico. This can only occur with enhanced communications between the United States and Mexico. As a role model, the United States can participate in improving the working conditions of the Mexican people, assist with establishing a better educational system and improving healthcare.

Funding of home improvements should not be a problem. All monetary funds that Mexico plans to use towards it’s Great Wall can be invested in the restablishment of it’s healthcare and educational systems. In addition, the United States can assist with the development of the systems and can promote global companies to create new jobs in Mexico.

With better education, healthcare and improved working conditions, crime rates will lower in Mexico and the people will be living more fully and content. The need to flee their own country won’t be necessary. They will have everything that they need at home.

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